Which Fingerling is rare?

Today I want to tell you about which Fingerlings is rare. WowWee the manufacturer of these cuties designed quite many different characters most of them are the base collection, but there are also exclusive rare characters that you can collect. These rare characters are limited edition and will be available not for a short time. I created a list of all rare Fingerlings that you can investigate and choose which one is going to your Fingerling family.

List of all the rare/exclusive Fingerlings

  1. Amelia the light blue glitter monkey
  2. Kiki the light purple glitter monkey
  3. Sugar the snow white glitter monkey
  4. Rose the pink glitter monkey
  5. Kingsley the brown sloth
  6. Gigi the white unicorn
  7. Aimee the red monkey
  8. Naima the navy glitter monkey

As you can see there are 8 rare characters to collect. The entire collection of all the characters you can find in my previous post here All the Fingerlings Names.


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