New Moxie Girlz Kellan, Bryten, Princess Merin, Prince Chance

New Moxie Girlz 2011 available for purchase: Moxie Girlz Kellan the red haired girl, Bryten the beautiful fairy and royal couple Princess Merin and Prince Chance. Four new characters for your awesome Moxie Girlz collection. Three new girls and one new boy – high quality dolls for unstoppable fun.

Moxie Girlz Kellan
Moxie Girlz Fairy Bryten
Moxie Girlz Princess Merlin And Prince Chance
Merin And Chance

Moxie are one of the most popular dolls among little and not so little girls around the world. Who doesn’t like Moxie? The dolls are very well made, beautiful and come with tons of accessories and outfits. There are lots of different characters to choose from: Lexa the brunet girl with green eyes, Avery the blond girl with blue eyes, Bria the African American girl with brown eyes, Kellan the red haired doll with lavender eyes, Bryten the fairy with golden and pink hair and green eyes, Sophine, Princess Merine, and even Moxie Boys: Prince Chance, Owen, Jaxson and what’s more: Moxie horses, dogs, and other pets. Wow, really huge collection of dolls to play and collect. And today I’ll tell you about the latest releases in Moxie world and I’ll start with Kellan.

Moxie Girlz Kellan Doll is a red headed girl with freckles. She is the only one girl with beautiful lavender eyes. She has long straight red hair and bang. Her cheeks are light pink and her lips are also the same color pink. Kellan wears denim jeans with red turn-ups, cool and stylish red top with print of lipstick and lavender flat shoes. She looks amazing, I think lots of girls love Kellan more than any other dolls.

Another great doll from Moxie Girlz 2011 collection is Bryten. She is a fairy doll from a reall fairytale. Bryten has golden hair going to pink and to golden again. Her green eyes and purl-pink lips look amazing. She wears short fairy dress made from light pink, purple, lavender, blue light colors mixing together. The dress is sleeveless and decorated with pink lace. To complete the look she wears pink flat shoes. But what’s the fairy without wings? Bryten has a couple light pink transparent wings, she is always ready to rise in the sky.

And the last but not least in our list is new Moxie Girlz royal couple Princess Merin and Prince Chance. Merin is beautiful brunet girl with black hair and blue eyes. Fir the wedding day she wears gorgeous wedding dress with fluffy skirt and silver corset, and sparkling tiara decorated with dimonds along the edges. Prince Chance is a blond handsome guy with blue eyes. He wears black suit and white shirt underneath. It’s an amazing couple of dolls and great gift idea.

So, that all new Moxie Girlz dolls: Kellan, Bryten, Princess Merin and Prince Chance, for this year 2011, I’m looking forward to see more extraordinary dolls by MGA.

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