Moxie Teenz Leigh

Meet one more new for this year 2011 Moxie Teenz doll Leigh. Leigh is a new doll from the latest night party collection, she has beautiful long red hair and amazing green eyes. She was released just a couple weeks ago together with the first Moxie Teenz Boy Doll Gavin and already became a hit. Leigh and Gavin is a hot couple to add to your Moxie Teenz collection.


Altogether there are five dolls in new Moxie Night Party collection: Leigh, Gavin, Tristen, Melrose and Bijou. All girls from this series wear glamorous red carpet style gowns and Gavin wears stylish suit. The story tells us that Teenz are ready for a big night out wearing fabulous outfits and gorgeous hairstyles, but they also easily can transform their outfits form formal to floaty and having fun at the next party together. Moxie Teenz Leigh doll is dressed up in glamorous golden gown. It’s slevless fluffy maxi dress with golden bodice. She also wears golden accessories and high heels matching her dress. Leigh is a new girl in a pack, but she already made friends with all other girls, and they all together love to go shopping, do sports and hanging out. And of course all girls fell in love with new boy Gavin, but nobody knows which one he is gonna to invite for a date.

The last thing I need to tell you about new collection of Moxie Teenz night out dolls is their hairstyle. All girls and boy dolls from this series have rooted hair, so you can’t change their hairstyles a lot, there is no way to change wigs because of rooted hair, but I’m sure it’s not a big problem and many of us wanted these dolls with rooted hair. For now that’s all about new releases, I hope you like this new collection of dolls and especially new Moxie Teenz Leigh and Gavin.

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