Moxie Teenz Dolls

New dolls appear on the market every day, but only few of them become popular and desired, and Moxie Teenz are one of such dolls. Moxie Teenz Dolls is a new hot release by MGA doll company, they are 14 inches tall, they have realistic set-in eyes, bendable hands and legs, various wigs and hair styles with long or short, straight or curly, blond or black hair. And of course tons of accessories and fashionable outfits: bracelets, rings, necklaces, belts, handbags, skirts, jackets, t-shirts, dresses, sneakers and high-heels boots.

Moxie Teenz Dolls
Moxie Teenz Dolls

So let me introduce to you these fashion dolls. For now there are four unique characters and their names are Tristen, Melrose, Arizona and Bijou. Each of them comes in individual doll package with with cool accessories. Let’s look on each of them more closely. And I like to start with Tristen, she is actually my favorite among all Moxie Teenz, and it’s not only my opinion, she is also a favorite girl for lots of fans of Moxie Teenz.

Tristen differs from other girls by her pale skin and unusual color eyes. Her eyes are blue with gray and pink spots, I don’t know how to describe this better, but they look amazing. She also has round face, small nose and pink lips. Her hair is long black and straight, but any way it’s just a wig, so you can change with any other one. Another feature of Tristen is her personality. She is a fashion designer. For now she designs and creates stylish outfits for herself and her friends, but she dreams to be a real high fashion designer someday. Tristen wears black and gray stripy long-sleeved t-shirt, red skirt and tights, gray color jeans vest, gray leg warmers, black high-heels boots and cap. She also has lots of tiny accessories like ring, necklace, ear-rings and chequered handbag.

Next Moxie Teen is Melrose, she is a blond girl with beautiful blue eyes. She likes pretty clothes and dreams to become a professional song writer. Nowadays she writes songs for her best friend Arizona who is a singer. Melrose is very stylish girl she likes to wear outfits of hottest brands and latest collection. Sometimes it’s too expensive for her and then she asks Tristen to design something for her. Melrose is dressed up in white long t-shirt, blue denim jeans, black jacket and black boots. Her accessories are silver belt, silver color cap and handbag.

Arizona is brunet girl with long curls and blue eyes. As I already said she is a singer. She likes to sing and she especially needs help of designer to make her style unique and memorizable, because she wants to be a real star. All Moxie Teenz are happy to help Arizona in hr career. Arizona already has a perfect style, she wears short pink dress with fluffy ballet tutu, blue denim jacket, white tights, black shoes and silver cap. Her accessories are golden necklace, bracelets and pink with black fashionable handbag.

The last but not least girl in the pack is Bijou, she has long brown and straight hair and hazel eyes. Her dream is to be a professional photographer work with celebrities, models and famous people all around the world. And for now she and her three best friends are help each other and support each other, They are a great team which definitely achieve big success and they all will become famous one day. Bijou wears blue skinny jeans, pink tunic, brown belt, fur vest and brown high-heel boots. She also has white crouched beret and black decorated with metallic buttons bag.

All Moxie Teenz come with special brush and colorful posters saying a lot about their life and new outfits and accessories for them. Stay tuned because very soon new hot line of Moxie Teenz will be released.

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