Moxie Teenz Boy Doll Gavin

Meet the first ever Moxie Teenz Boy Doll Gavin! He is the first boy doll in Moxie Teenz collection and of course he is awesome! Gavin is a blue-eyed brunet handsome guy who is able to break a heart of any girl.

Moxie Teenz Boy Gavin
Moxie Teenz Boy Gavin

Like all other Moxie dolls, boy doll Gavin has fully articulated body and set-in eyes. He also has rooted black hair and fabulous trendy outfit. Gavin is not the only one new doll for this year 2011, MGA also released one new girl doll – Moxie Teenz Leigh – beautiful girl with red hair and green eyes. But let’s go back to Gavin, he is 14 inches tall with blue set-in realistic eyes, bendable legs and arms. Gavin wears white shirt, black tie, black shoes and absolutely fabulous black and dark blue suit which actually match to his eyes. Finally Moxie Teenz got at least one boy to his team, and this boy doll is pretty good. Gavin will make a great company to all your girls especially with new coming out party-ball collection including new dolls wearing gorgeous gowns for a ball. The latest series of Moxie Teenz 2011 includes Tristen in purple dress, Melrose in blue dress, Bijou in pink dress, Leigh in golden dress and Gavin in dark blue suit. All girls from this collection have beautiful hairstyles and makeup. The main difference from all previous girls is rooted hair, all new Moxie Teenz have rooted hair. What do you think about new collection of dolls and especially about the first Moxie Teenz boy doll Gavin.

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