Moxie Girlz Spring and Summer Activity Annuals 2010

Great news for the real fans of Moxie Girlz Dolls, there are two new activity annuals for this year. I mean Moxie Girlz Spring and Summer Activity Annual 2010. These two paperbacks is a great gift for little designers and inventors. They are colorful, entertaining and amusing, each of them contains lots of stickers, coloring pages, interesting and unusual games, every girl will find many exciting things for yourself.

Moxie Girlz Spring Activity Annual 2010 Paperback Moxie Girlz Summer Activity Annual 2010 Paperback

Spring Activity Annual


Summer Activity Annual


Let’s look more closely on each of two activity annuals. It’s fresh, new and very popular right now. Every day Moxie dolls get more and more admirers all around the world. But now they get much more than just a doll, because each happy owner of a doll get special secret code and can play various games online. Also there is an amazing Moxie Girlz Laptop, which provides lots of games and activities inside, you can get it everywhere with you and enjoy your favorite games. And now, there are two new colorful paperbacks to be a Moxie Girl all around.

The first one is Moxie Girls Spring Activity Annual 2010. It has light green cover decorated with different colors bright flowers and butterflies, and gorgeous black-haired Sophina. Spring is a beautiful season, time of love, flowers and green grass, that’s why this book is also full of soft colors and beautiful pictures. It includes above 50 stickers inside, but it’s only the beginning. Besides funny stickers there are lots of games, like “Symbol Sudoku” game, where you need to complete Sudoku square to get each symbol once for every row and column, or “Fashion Designer” game, where you need to help Avery and Lexa to complete their slumber party outfits with stylin’ finishing touches. The book consists from 64 pages, which amuse anyone and provide lots of fun and joy.

Moxie Girlz Spring Activity Book 2010

The second one is Moxie Girls Summer Activity Annual 2010. Summer is all about sun, beach, sand, sea, fun, the most hot, interesting and carefree time of year. You don’t need to go to school and to do homework, it’s time for relaxing and having fun with friends. So the Summer Activity Annual is what you exactly need. Just look at the cover, it’s very bright there are lots of sunny colors, like yellow, orange, red and so on, also all four girlz Avery, Sophina, Bria and Lexa are together dressed up in their sun-dresses on the cover. Blue, pink and white dresses are so stylish and beautiful, girls look very gorgeous. But what is inside? You will find more than 40 funny stickers inside, lots of games, coloring pages and art activities. Just look at this work-of-art door hangers, they are really awesome! With help of Moxie Girlz Activity Book you will create lots of funky door hangers for you and your friends. All you need is white card, scissors and colouring pens.

Moxie Girlz Summer Activity Book 2010

Join Moxie Girlz this year and enjoy lots of awesome activities together with your friends!

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