Moxie Girlz Shoes

Moxie Girlz Pink Sneakers
Let’s talk about the shoes, boots and ballets. As to women, shoes is one of principal aspects. They can amend your look as well as damage it. Also shoes is female weakness, we love the charm of novelty, fashion tendencies, all these colors, heels and fabric.

Most of girls dolls also have clothing, accessories and of course shoes. Today I want to tell you about Moxie Girlz Shoes. I’ll show you which types of shoes dolls have and how they look like.

First of all Moxie is innovation doll and she doesn’t look like Barbie. If you don’t watch the latest tendencies in the doll world, then you can be surprised by her look, especially her feet. She doesn’t have feet like ordinary doll have. Her feet are designed to change shoes and boots very easily, also such design allows to doll stand still and don’t worry to get lost a shoe. So this all means that you can attached and detached Moxie Girlz Shoes together with feet at once.

And now let’s look on the Moxie Shoes gallery. At the bottom you already saw pink sneakers, such shoes were on my Moxie Girlz Sophina. In generally about Moxie shoes I can say that they all are made from very rough rubber, they are very detailed, so you can find relief sole and laces. Also such shoes are closer to the real ones in size, than Barbie’s, that fact provides wider shoe sole and doll can stand by itself.

So here they are! Among Moxie Girlz Shoes you will find: gorgeous white ballet shoes or points; simple removable feet; beautiful pink flat ballet; stylish purple sneakers; blue with purple stripes and white with red stripes top-boots; white boots decorated with flowers, hearts and etc. (all these patterns you can color with special pens); black and white sneakers, they come usually with as shoes for two Moxie friends, which you can share between them (two white and two black shoe) and many many others, which I didn’t post here, because there are ton’s of different types, colors and size shoes.

Share accessories between girlz and you always will have new pair of boots.

Moxie Girlz Ballet Shoes Moxie Girlz Feet Moxie Girlz Shoes Ballet Flat Moxie Girlz Shoes Purple Sneakers
Moxie Girlz Shoes Blue Moxie Girlz Shoes Red Moxie Girlz Shoes White Moxie Girlz Shoes White and Black Sneakers
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