Moxie Girlz Secret Code – How, What and Why

Moxie Girlz Secret Code

Today I’m going to talk about Moxie Girlz Secret Code. It means this post is all about the secret code and here you will find full information about it.

What is the secret code? Why is it secret? How to find the secret code and where is it located? And How to use the secret code? I mean, what is it for?

OK, let’s start with a question: What is the secret code?

Moxie Girlz Secret Code is an unique for each Moxie product code, which consists from letters and numbers. So each Moxie Doll has a different six-unit code, in other words it includes 6 symbols, which can be letters or digits printed in any combination.

Usually it looks like two rows inscription, where the first row looks exactly like: “Secret code:” and the second row includes the 6 symbols of it.

The next question why is the code secret? It’s simple: each code is unique, therefor together with doll you get your own unique code. This code gives you some more opportunities, like with code you can play special games online, and without it you can’t. So each happy owner of Moxie Girlz Doll became a competent user of original resources. So if you don’t have a code you can’t get access to all Moxie resources online.

How to find the secret code? Actually it’s very easy. It comes with any original Moxie Doll or other product and located inside the box. When you’re unboxing your doll, don’t through away the box, because it includes the secret code. In my case the code was printed on the inside surface of box right behind my Moxie Girlz Sophina Doll, so when I’ve got the doll from the box, I found it right away. It was a black bold inscription on the light blue carton.

And the last question: what is the Moxie Girlz Secret Code for?

Moxie Girlz Unlock Online Game

I already mentioned a bit about the purpose of code. You need it to get more opportunities on the original website. On the box with doll you also will find an image of lock which says: “Unlock game online. Code inside.” So if go to the website, you will find that there are 7 online games and 6 of them don’t need the secret code, but one called “Beauty Blitz” is locked and required the secret code.

Actually I’ve just start to investigate the Moxie World and didn’t play a lot online games. I tried “Moxie Salon” and “Moxiefier” only. But now I’m very exited what is the “Beauty Blitz” about. I can’t wait to try it!

Stay in contact, because in the near future I’m going to play all games and write about them here!

If you still any questions or suggestion about the Secret Code, please feel free to contact to me.

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