Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack Sophina

Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack Sophina includes one brown-haired doll Sophina and lots of smart accessories or high-tech gadgets, like laptop, glasses and earrings.

Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack Sophina


Let’s start with outfit, Sophina has very casual outfit, it includes bell-bottomed blue denim jeans and silk soft pink tunic decorated with golden ribbon. Tunic has bell-shaped short sleeves decorated with golden bows, V-neck collar and loose-fitting shape. Jeans is a classic one jeans made from blue denim with elastic thread, which makes the stretch effect. To match with color of tunic Sophina has sport pink shoes. So such simple, but nice outfit is a great choice for walking in the park and meeting friends.

Now let’s touch Sophina’s interests and hobby, she is very smart girl, she does well at school and learns with ease, besides school she has ballet classes and when she has a free time she spends it playing games or blogging. For sure she meets friends and has a great time talking and hanging with them, but sometimes there is no time to visit someone, and then she gets her laptop and start chatting with friends online, it’s very easy and funny and you are always on. Nowdays nothing can be easier than be online, you can create your own blog, about everything you like, for example, your after school activity or hobby or your favorite books, anything that can be interesting for you and your friends.

Together with Moxie Girlz Doll Sophina you can create your own personal style, discover your own personal interests and share all the information with your friends.

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