Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack Lexa

Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack Lexa is one more girl from this series. She takes a great interest in skateboarding and at the same time she is good at decorating and designing.

Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack Lexa


Lexa from Personal Style dollpack is dressed up with gorgeous pink dress, stripy pink/white gaiters and pink sneakers. There are several accessories which comes together with Lexa, it’s pink earrings and pink skateboard.

Lexa likes to come up with something creative and beautiful, that’s why she created a special unique design for her skateboard, it’s a big heart with wings and whimsical wavy lines around. For the dress Lexa designed a bright silk belt with bow. The belt is bright blue in color which makes the contrast with pink dress, but some how it’s a great addition, which totally completes the outfit.

All Moxie Girls have their own personal style and hobby, and what about you. What do you like to do when you have a free time, may be dancing or may be painting, or cycling, or something unusual like gardening or knitting, any hobby is very important and interesting thing, which is actually very helpful too. Don’t be upset, if you don’t have any interest, you can start thinking about some of them and finally create a list of thing which you like more than others, after that it will be very easy to choose something the most appropriate for you. It’s easy, just never give up and be true to yourself.

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