Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack Avery

Each girl is unique and it’s not only about the color of her hair or eyes, because if you look at twins – they look similar, but it doesn’t mean that they think the same way or like the same colors.

Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack Avery


So I’m talking about the personal style, this is a thing that makes us unique, because we have choice and can create something special, something really unique. So if you like to be creative and unique, then this Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack is exactly what you need.

The first girl from this series is Avery, you already know this girl from others series, like Basic Dollpack or After School Dollpack. She has golden long hair and big blue eyes. She is very positive, energetic and beautiful. The personal style dollpack discovers girlz personal interests and tell us what they like more than others.

So if you look at the Avery, she wears very stylish sport costume, it includes white sport pants, black sleevless top and long-sleeved, turtle-neck sport jacket. As for shoes, she has red cosy sneakers. On the one hand, her outfit tells us that she likes sport and active life, and on the other hand, we can see a nice style and perfect combination of all parts of costume and accessories. So, no doubt, Avery likes healthy life-style and she follows fashionable tendencies.

If you like sport and stylish accessories, then this outfit is a good one for your collection. Together with Avery, her sport costume and bonus jacket, you will find a couple of red earrings that perfectly matches to the costume.

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