Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack Avery, Lexa and Sophina

Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack consists from three lovely girls: Avery, Lexa and Sophina dressed up according to their personal styles and supplied with their favorite accessories. So Lexa is keen on skateboarding, Avery likes fashionable sport style and Sophina is a computer genius.

Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack Lexa Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack Avery Moxie Girlz Personal Style Dollpack Sophina







The main thing about all Moxie Girlz is their dream to be true to themselves. They go to school, do homework, help parents, but also they are always about to do something creative, fresh and amazing. So Lexa designs beautiful decorative elements for her outfits and accessories; Avery easily chooses clothes to match colors and style; Sophina can quickly find any information on the question in the internet. Each girl can do something special better than all others, and all together they able to do everything.

If you don’t have a personal style, then it’s time to start thinking of it. You can start with something simple, like your outfits. Try to sort them with styles: sport, casual, formal, holiday and so on. For each outfit choose appropriate accessories and shoes, they have to match the color of outfit and its style. After that you can add hand bag and other things, like sun-glasses, hat, scarf and so on. But be careful don’t overdo.

Moxie Girlz help you to begin at the beginning. They already have a balanced wardrobe and accessories, playing with these beautiful dolls you will learn how to combine and match colors, styles and accessories.

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