Moxie Girlz More 2 Me Doll Package Lexa

Moxie Girlz More 2 Me Lexa

Moxie Girlz More 2 Me Doll Package Lexa includes one Moxie Doll Lexa wearing a cool outfit, an extra outfit and a set of secret transforming accessories.

More 2 Me is a new fresh line of Moxie Dolls, which designed to reveal several sides of each girl, so Lexa, on the one hand, attends violin classes, on the other hand she is a rock stars. It’s really cool transformation from ordinary student to the real rock star. Lexa has a brilliant talent, she loves music and can train all day long. What can be more interesting and useful than learning every way, so she plays classic music at school and enjoys modern pop and rock music with her friends. Like Avery Lexa has extra outfit for her rock concerts. She and Avery play and sing together very often, and it’s always a great pleasure to watch them singing together, they are really talented and fresh.

But now let’s have a look at Lexa’s costumes. The first one is very smart and classic, Lexa wears it for violin classes. It consists from white short-sleeved shirt-waist, chequered pleated skirt and black short vest. The shirt has short bell-shaped sleeves, round collar and decorative silver buttons. The skirt is made from chequered fabric, white with red and black stripes. The vest is wholly black, its collar and bottom edge are decorated with yellow stripes. Also there is a thin black belt for the skirt. The second outfit is really cool one for glaring performances, it includes long-sleeved stripy polo, silver glittering skirt, yellow funny glasses and leggings. The most attractive element is sparkling skirt for sure, it is short, fluffy and decorated with pink lace at the lower edge. The polo is white with red stripes and big colorful print at the center. Leggings and sneakers are chose to match colors of both outfits.

Like Avery Lexa has lots of accessories: two pairs of glasses – the classic one for classes and another heart-shaped for her rock concerts; violin, which very easily can be turned into the electra guitar; music stereo center transforming into laptop; microphone for the show and music stand, where Lexa places her music book. In a word there are lots of accessories for your favorite Moxie, which also can be shared between other girls. Together with Avery and her More 2 Me accessories, you can organize the real music show, where each girl will show her personality and talents.

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