Moxie Girlz More 2 Me Doll Package Avery

Moxie Girlz More 2 Me Avery

Moxie Girlz More 2 Me Doll Package Avery includes one Moxie Doll Avery dressed up in splendid dress, an additional outfit – sport costume, tons of accessories: skateboard / dressing table, baseball bat / music award, basketball ball / disco ball.

More 2 Me series is designed to provide more fun and joy for every girl. At once you get lovely golden-haired doll, two trendy outfits and lots of accessories. This package is a new step for Moxie World. If earlier dollpack included one doll and a bonus, now it includes a doll and a set of various accessories like extra outfit and other different doll’s things. It opens much more game abilities: changing doll’s clothes, creating new characters, decorating, coming up with new games and simply creating beautiful Moxie World.

Now let’s look at Avery’s outfits. Avery is dressed up in very beautiful lovely dress. The dress consists from two parts, top is a black corset decorated with pink lace and bottom is a romantic bell-shaped pink tutu skirt. The corset is made from shining fabric, which resembles a leather. It doesn’t have any straps, only pink decorative lace at the top edge. The tutu is a knee-length skirt made from gauze fabric. A petticoat is also pink in color, but made from thick fabric to put into bell shape. To complete the outfit Avery wears pink ballet shoes with black decorative elements. The second extra outfit is a trendy sport suit. It is almost white in color with shining pink and black decorative stripes. The suit consists from white classic sport pants and white stylish sports jacket.

It’s time for accessories! Moxie Girlz Dolls More 2 Me are designed to provide two different styles for each doll. Look at Avery, she is very active and likes sport, but also she adores dancing and singing. So she easily plays basketball at school and takes part in shows and performances. Avery has supplies for both these activities. Her magic skateboard is changed into dressing table, baseball bat – into music award, basketball ball – into disco ball, she is active, energetic and beautiful, the real Moxie girl. So after school Avery gets her gorgeous dress, jumps on skateboard and goes to the music hall, there she changes her outfit, opens skateboard and does bright make-up, it’s necessary to emphasize eyes and lips, otherwise she will look pale on the scene. Make up is over, everything is ready to the new great performance. Avery can be shy and modest at school, but here, on the scene, she is a Moxie Star.

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