Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Sophina

Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Sophina is the third Moxie girl from Masquerade Ball collection, besides her there two others dolls – golden-haired Avery and green-eyed Lexa. Each doll is dressed up in gorgeous holiday outfit, but it’s not just simple holiday outfit, it’s the real Masquerade costume with all concomitant accessories, like special mask on stick or set of bracelets and earrings.

Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Sophina


As for the Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Sophina, it includes one Moxie Doll brown-eyed Sophina dressed up with white cotton shirt and red satin dress, and a set of accessories like two couples of earrings golden yellow and red; one golden bracelet and one red necklace with pendant.

The red satin dress is divided on top with lacing and bell-shaped skirt. Sleeveless top is decorated with golden ribbons and black lacing. Skirt is made from red satin and doesn’t have any decorative elements, but there is stripy (black and white) kerchief tied around doll’s waist above the skirt. Under the dress Sophina has white long-sleeved cotton shirt with. Shirt’s collar is edged with white ruches. To match the color of dress Sophina wears black sneakers with red laces.

And now it’s time for accessories. Masquerade Ball Dollpack Sophina has lots of accessories, no one Moxie doesn’t have so many earrings and bracelets as Sophina has. Among them you will find two sets of earrings – golden and red, both of them perfectly fit to the outfit. Also Sophina has one golden bracelet and one red necklace with pendant. The pendant looks like a small star. The necklace doesn’t have any lock, instead of lock it has a gap in the lock place, so you can twist it and place around the doll neck.

Now you know all Moxie Girlz from Masquerade Ball series, and can choose your favorite one, just listen to your hart, be true, be you!

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