Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Lexa

Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Lexa includes a lovely green-eyed doll Lexa dressed up with bright pink masquerade outfit and a set of accessories – pink earings and mask on stick. Besides Lexa there are two more girls from this series: Avery in blue dress and Sophina in red costume.

Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Lexa


The most interesting thing about Masquerade Ball series is the Masquerade Outfits, they are really stunning, just look at Lexa’s charming sleeveless dress. It’s made from bright pink shimmering satin fabric. There are lots of decorative elements on it, like black rhombs, silver and black decorative stripes and ribbons. Dress has a square collar that is decorated with one black and one silver ribbons. Actually dress is divided on three parts – bodice, corset and skirt, there is also a fluffy white petticoat which provides lightness and tutu look to main skirt. Corset is the most decorated part of the dress, it’s decorated with black rhombs interchangeable with silver stripes, one by one they come around the dress corset. In addition to bright pink dress there is bright pink ruff, which you can easily put around doll’s neck. Fluffy dress and ruffed collar look so gorgeous, besides them Lexa has stripy black and white leggings and decorated with pink stripes white boots. To complete the Masquerade look Lexa has a couple of pink earrings and silver with pink edges Masquerade mask.

So if you are planning the Masquerade Ball or fancy-dress party, then Moxie Masquerade Dolls are perfect choice. Each girl is dressed up in glorious outfit an has really cute accessories, like mask on stick and or set of earrings and bracelets. Anyway you can easily share all Moxie accessories and outfits between all original Moxie Girlz Dolls.

What also you can need for the Masquerade ball, I think – makeup and holiday hair style. One thing is absolutely perfect – you don’t need to care about the makeup – all Moxie Girlz have beautiful light and fresh makeup. And what about hair style – hair style is optional and absolutely up to you. Originally all Moxies have excellent long and well-made hairs, so it’s not hard to make some new fresh and stylish haircut. Come up with something unusual and go ahead, some practice and your doll is ready for the most fabulous party in her life.

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