Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Lexa, Avery and Sophina

Moxie Girlz is a beautiful and fresh world where any young lady has the strength to something amazing. Stay true to yourself every day and never give up on your dreams! That’s the Moxie moto and it’s actually the real truth of our life, only strength, moxie and active people have the most happy life. And the most excited things about every day life is holidays, parties and balls. Moxie Girlz also has a series for this purpose, it’s Masquerade Ball Dollpack.

Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Lexa Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Avery Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Sophina







Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack series consists from three lovely girls Lexa, Avery and Sophina. All girlz are dressed up in gorgeous Masquerade outfits and have various according accessories. All you need is just to choose which dollpack is your favorite, because all dolls are very beautiful and their costumes are very original and unusual. Actually it’s really hard to choose one, but there is always an alternative choice anyway – collect all three Moxies and share all the outfits and accessories between them.

Besides Masquerade Dollpack there are also Basic Dollpack and Holiday Dollpack, and many many others like Art-titude, After School, Jammaz and others. Wide choice of dolls, dresses, shoes, accessories and so on. Try new Moxie Girlz and discover the strength inside yourself.

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