Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Avery

Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball series is one of the most excited and delightful among all other series. Beautiful dolls dressed up in lovely masquerade costumes look so charming and adorable. Firstly I want to tell you about the blond girl Avery and her fascinating baroque style dress.

Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Avery


Moxie Girlz Masquerade Ball Dollpack Avery includes one lovely doll Avery dressed up in Masquerade costume and a couple of ball accessories – earrings and masquerade mask. Let’s start with a dress. The dress is made from high quality satin fabric of two colors: soft pink and soft blue. The colors are really soft, so light and delicate. The dress represents a modern view on baroque style. Actually it looks like two dresses one above another. The first one is made from pink satin fabric and consists from top and two-layers skirt. The second one, the outer one is made from blue satin fabric and represents long-sleeved (three-quarters length) mantelet with lacing. So it should be the real baroque, but the main difference is a length of the dress. It’s very short dress, its skirt doesn’t touch doll’s knees. So we have very splendid modern outfit in baroque style, a good remake for Masquerade Ball.

In addition to gorgeous dress Avery has white cotton leggings, a couple of earrings, mask and high heels shoes. All accessories are light blue in color to match color of the dress. Shape of earrings resembles a snow flake, two soft and light snow flake is a good addition to the costume. The main accessory is a Masquerade mask for sure. What Masquerade Ball is without the Masquerade Mask? Moxie Avery has a pretty mask on stick. The mask is blue in color with pink edges. So when Avery will come in the ball room she will be hide behind the mask and nobody will recognize her, if only her beautiful blond hair will give her completely.

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