Moxie Girlz Laptop

Moxie Girlz Laptop

Moxie Girls Dolls have lots, no it’s better to say tons of accessories. Among them you will find different types and models of clothing, shoes (sneakers and boots), ear-rings, pendants, necklaces and so on.

But today I want to show you the hi-tech accessory and the must have device in the modern world – Moxie Girlz Laptop.

I’ve got the Laptop together with my Moxie Girlz Doll Sophina basic dollpack. The laptop is made from black plastic and exactly resembles the real one, you can easily open and close laptop lid. The screen is covered with light blue color, which is very close to a luminous screen of real one. If you will open it, you will find a keyboard and touchpad panel. All keys are not real, so you can’t press them, but they are well made and resemble the real ones. On one side there is a card reader slot and on the other USB and cable slots. So Moxie Laptop is very realistic and well made for so tiny toy.

Moxie Girlz like the real girls like blogging and chatting to each other, that’s why the laptop is a very useful and interesting accessory. It’s also suitable for other dolls, which size is commensurable with Moxie.

What about me, I’m planning to decorate it somehow or make a cover for it or a tiny laptop bag. I like the idea, it should be really interesting. I’ll certainly publish the results as soon as possible.

Do you have some ideas how to decorate the laptop or may be you have great handmade bags for it, mail me and I’ll add them to my blog.

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