Moxie Girlz Jammaz Doll Package Sophina

Meet Moxie Girlz Doll Sophina from Jammaz Package. Sophina and other girls from this series are designed to help you organize the biggest Jammaz party ever. Collect all four Moxies: Sophina, Avery, Bria and Lexa and create your own beauty salon.

Moxie Girlz Jammaz Dollpack Sophina


Sophina is dressed up with cosy white pajamas, white shirt with long pink sleeves and white pants trimmed with lace. All clothes are decorated with nice print – clouds, rainbows and rain-drops. Shoeless Sophina has her own personal stereo to listen to her favorite music.

Jammaz party is very funny and interesting idea, it’s a great place for imagination and inventiveness. All you need is a cheerful friends and some space for activities. Sophina and other Moxie Girlz like to arrange small parties, it’s a great idea if you want to spend time with your friends and just to relax and have fun. Each party can be unique, all depends only from your imagination. There are lots of games and activities that are designed specially for such parties, and of course there are lots of sweet recipes and tasty drinks. Be creative and prepare something really unusual to surprise your friends.

Sophina adores dancing, she can dance everywhere and every free moment, for jammaz parties she makes various funny dances and teach her friends how to dance. Each new dance it’s lots of new fresh and funny motions and modern dance music. She shows a few motions and other girls try to repeat them, it’s really funny to do. When all memorize the whole dance, they repeat it together and the Moxie team is ready for the show. Sometimes Lexa use new ideas for her cheerleading dances, it’s always interesting to share the ideas.

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