Moxie Girlz Holiday Dollpack Lexa Green Irish Outfit

There are only three Holiday Dollpacks: Sophina in White Angel Outfit, Avery in Red Santa Costume and Lexa in Green Irish Dress. All three girls are wearing fascinating fairy outfits, and each of all three packs is special Holiday edition, choose your favorite one Moxie Doll or collect them all to create an enchanting Holiday Party!

Moxie Girlz Holiday Dollpack Lexa Irish Outfit


Moxie Girlz Holiday Dollpack Lexa includes a Moxie doll Lexa wearing green dress and stripy leggings, white boots decorated with green and golden stripes, green present box and red dangling earrings. The most beautiful thing about this dollpack is a combination of Lexa’s pale skin, green eyes and dark green color costume. It’s almost fair like how her green eyes matches with color of dress. Lexa’s long black wavy hair stream right to her knees. Golden, brown or black any color Moxie Gilz hair are just perfect, it’s really one of the cutest thing about these dolls, they have really well made hair and so delicate and romantic hair style. Another good thing is you always can change their haircut and made something new, like braids or pony tail or bun, whatever you want, because there are lots of well maid locks.

Now let’s go back to the Lexa Holiday Doll. Her dress is made from dark green silk and decorated with red and golden ribbons, and white laces. She also wears white with red stripes leggings to match red color of ribbons on her bell shaped sleeves. White high lacing boots are decorated with golden and green stripes to provide stylish and balanced look. Also this dollpack includes a couple of red dangling earrings to add final touches to costume.

As for the present box, each Holiday Moxie Girl has a tiny decorative present box, so Sophina has a white present, Avery – a red one and Lexa – a green box. Each doll has a box which color match with color of her dress, very cute and beautiful set. The big gift for young lady and a small present for her doll.

Now you know everything about the Moxie Girlz Holiday Collection of Dolls, each of them and all together they represent a new look of modern dolls.

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