Moxie Girlz Holiday Dollpack Avery Christmas Santa

Holiday Dollpack series is the most fabulous and fairy tale among all others Moxie Girlz dollpacks. We started with Angel Sophina Doll and now it’s time for another gorgeous doll wearing the most famous and favorite outfit Holiday Christmas Avery, the golden-haired beauty.

Moxie Girlz Holiday Dollpack Avery Christmas Santa Outfit


Avery is an only girl with so beautiful and long golden hair. But it’s not only golden hair, she also has big expressive blue eyes. Eyes and hair together make her look very soft and tender. She is very attractive and gorgeous. Actually all Moxie Girlz are very beautiful dolls, they look pretty wholesome and don’t have overly make up on their faces. Lip-stick colors and eye-shadows are very soft and natural. Lips, nose and eyes are balanced in size and resemble teenagers faces.

Moxie Girlz Holiday Dollpack Avery includes one Moxie doll Avery, one birght red silk Santa style dress, white leggings, boots, one present box and a couple of red earrings. The doll is a standard, original Moxie doll, so you can share her clothes with other Moxies. Red dress looks exactly like Sanat outfit and decorated with white fur and golden belt. Boots and leggings are made to combine with Christmas costume. There are a couple of additional accessories, it’s red present box decorated with ribbon and red earrings to go well with dress color.

Holiday dolls are the most exciting toys for kids, and these dollpacks is a great choice for young ladies, they are beautiful, interesting, entertaining and wholesome at the same time.

The next guest in our Girlz Dollz club is lovely Lexa in her Irish green dress and stripy leggings.

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