Moxie Girlz Box Doll

Hey guys! Let me introduce to you new series of Moxie Girlz box dolls. This is special release inspired by the summer Olympic Games 2012. The first doll from boxing series is Lexa the brunet beauty with green eyes. Lexa loves doing sport and this year she chose box to master and perform on the Olympiad 2012.

Moxie Girlz Box

What do you think is it great idea to release a boxing doll? Do you like the doll? She is actually wears really stylish and girlish sporty outfit: pink top and shorts and what’s more pink gloves. The manufacturer came up with Moxie Girlz boxing dolls because it’s a new type of games firstly included into the list. Before this year there was no women box type in the list. So I hope you love the idea and Lexa girl as well.

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