Moxie Girlz Basic Dollpack Sophina With Doll Toy

Moxie Girlz Basic Dollpack series includes four different dolls: Avery, Lexa, Sophina and Bria. You can find descriptions of Avery and Lexa in my previous posts, but this post is about Sophina and her toy – little doll with pink curls.

Moxie Girlz Basic Dollpack Sophina


Firstly I want to say that two girls from Basic series Sophina and Bria have the same outfits, it’s white trouser suit. Classic long white denim trousers decorated with fascinating belt and white short sleeveless top decorated with pink ribbons and trimed with lace. As for shoes, both girls wears cosy pink and black sneakers. So I think there is no need to describe Bria separately, she has absolutely the same summer outfit and sport shoes. There is only one difference for these dollpacks, it’s a tiny toys which comes together with doll. So Sophina has a little funny doll and Bria a bear toy. The bear is almost the same which Lexa has, it’s also white in color, with long legs and round ears, it differs only in color of t-shirt and bow. Lexa’s bear wears pink t-shirt and gray bow and Bria’s – light blue t-shirt and bright yellow bow.

I’ve already mentioned that Sophina has white classic trousers and light top, both of them are decorated with pink and black accessories, like ribbons and laces. The little doll is also designed according to Sophina outfit’s colors, so it has white polo-neck and leggings, pink sun-dress and black boots and rim. She has big round face with black round eyes and wide smile. The most interesting part is her hairstyle, doll has bright pink curls, exactly the same color that sun-dress is.

So I can say that Moxie Girlz Basic Dollpack Sophina is the most basic doll in this series, because she wears the most casual and simple outfit, which is suitable for walking, playing, cycling and just having fun. She also has the most basic toy, it’s a favorite toy of every girl – little girlish doll. But which Moxie is your favorite?

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