Moxie Girlz Basic Dollpack Lexa With Bear Toy

Moxie Girlz Basic series consists from four different dollpacks: Avery, Lexa, Sophina and Bria (or Sasha). Each Basic Dollpack includes a doll and a little toy, so each girl has her own unique toy, Avery has pink monkey, Lexa – white bear in pink t-shirt, Sophina – tiny doll and Bria – white bear in blue t-shirt. All girlz are dressed up in casual, basic outfits suitable for every day look.

Moxie Girlz Basic Dollpack Lexa


Moxie Girlz Basic Dollpack Lexa is one of two dolls who wears dress, she and Avery are two girls dressed up with skirts in the Basic series, others two girls Sophina and Bria wear trouser suits, actually they have absolutely identical trouser suits. But let’s go back to Lexa. She has a short dress made from dark gray denim material. The dress is pretty simple, it has bell shaped short sleeves from pink silk, short skirt and beautiful lace trim. Denim fabric is very close to jeans material, it perfectly holds the shape of dress. Top of outfit is decorated with lace and swelled edge. There is also gauze petticoat to provide more fluffy look to the skirt. To complete this casual style Lexa has white leggings and pink sneakers, very simple, very cosy and very beautiful.

Like all other girls Lexa has her own little friend, in her case it’s white bear dressed up in pink short t-shirt with turtle neck. This bear looks really cute, it’s really small, but it has big round ears, long legs and hands. Each leg ends with big wide pink paw, bear also has small pink hearts on each knee and tiny gray bow on right ear. Its face is adorable with big black eyes and small black nose, so cute.

Meet new Moxie Girlz from Basic collection: Avery, Lexa, Sophina and Bria. Be true be you!

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