Moxie Girlz Basic Dollpack Avery With Monkey Toy

Holiday Dollpack is a good choice for Holidays, Girls dressed up with unusual festive outfits and have small present boxes, but for every day look we need something more casual and cosy. For this purpose there is another perfect series of Moxie Girlz – Basic Dollpack. Let’s start with beautiful golden haired Avery and her little friend – pink monkey.

Moxie Girlz Basic Dollpack Avery


Moxie Girlz Avery from Basic Dollpack looks so gorgeous, seriously her golden hair flowing down to knees, her peachy skin perfectly matches with hair color and her deep blue eyes. Lip stick color is very soft and one tone brighter her peachy rouge. Her face looks really beautiful and long golden hair add some romantic to her look.

Avery Basic DollPack includes one Moxie Doll wearing casual summer outfit and one tiny monkey toy. All basic dolls are dressed up with simple but cosy and beautiful outfits. Avery has light pink costume, which includes short-sleeved white t-shirt with turtle neck collar, pink top with shoulder-straps decorated with yellow lacing and two light blue wide horizontal stripes at the middle. In addition to pink top she has short pink skirt, it’s kind of tutu style skirt, light and fluffy. The skirt has three layers, each of them is longer than others and together they make fluffy look. An edge of each layer is decorated with light blue thread. This beautiful skirt in combination with top makes soft and pretty outfit. Also Avery has white gaiters and pink ballet shoes. All clothes and accessories are well-made and perfectly fit to any Moxie Girl.

Each Doll in Basic DollPack series has her favorite little friend. It’s a tiny toy wich comes together with doll. So Avery has little pink monkey. Length of monkey is equal one third of doll length or even less. Monkey is almost pink in color besides its white tummy and blue hairs. It’s also decorated with yellow stripes on her legs and hands and has a little yellow bow on her head. All colors match with Avery’s outfit colors and make good looking combination.

Moxie Girlz Basic series is one of the most popular series, may be because of pretty outfits, may be because of dolls’ toys, and may be because of both these reasons. Choose your Moxie according to your taste. Be true be you!

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