Moxie Girlz After School Dollpack Lexa, Avery and Sophina

Moxie Girlz After School series consists from three beautiful dolls – Lexa, avery and Sophina. All girls go to school every day, do the homework and meet friends. But each girl has her own personal hobby after school, that makes them different, but they are the best friends for ever anyway.

Moxie Girlz After School Dollpack Lexa Moxie Girlz After School Dollpack Avery Moxie Girlz After School Dollpack Sophina







Want to know what hobby each Moxie Girl has, than read ahead. Let’s start with Lexa, this green-eyed lady is a cheerleader in local school, she lead the team of funny girls which support the boys team during various contests and matches. Lexa is very energetic and active she comes up with new ideas every second, but at the same time she can determine what is better for her team, that’s why she is leader.

The next pretty girl is Avery, this blond-haired girl loves to spend time with her friends skating and walking in the local park. You can be almost 100% sure that after school she is already in the park. The best friends of Avery are her funny colorful roller skaters, which are always on her or inside her backpack.

The last one romantic girl Sophina, after school she has classes in ballet school. She likes classic music and dancing, and ballet performance. She trains every day and dreams to be a ballerina, so anything is possible if you stay true to yourself, and may be someday we can watch her dancing in the biggest theaters all around the world.

And what do you like to do after school?

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