Moxie Girlz After School Dollpack Avery

Moxie Girlz After School Dollpack Avery includes one lovely blue-eyed blond girl Avery dressed up with blue denim suit and roller skates. She loves doing sport, but not any sport, she likes something creative and fresh, so roller skaters, wind in her long golden hair, speed and fresh air is a best choice.

Moxie Girlz After School Dollpack Avery


You are never be boring together with Avery, she is very cheerful and creative, she always can come up with great idea when everybody gave up. So call for friends and let’s make the great roller party in park, it’s going to be fun! And this is all about Avery, after school she with her best friends Sophina, Bria and Lexa, go skating and having fun to the park. It’s very interesting and active hobby and it’s only the beginning, because Moxie Girlz love to organize contests and games, they invites all their friends and find out who is the fastest, who is the most moxie person and who is the most creative one.

This dollpack is called After School, because all girls are dressed up in comfortable and casual outfits for sport and active games. Avery wears blue-denim suit – it includes top with shoulder-straps and shorts, there is also a tiny pocket on the top to keep different girlish stuff. Together with jeans suit Avery wears white cotton polo and gaiters. As for shoes, she has comfortable pink sneakers.

The bonus of the After School Avery Dollpack is really cool roller skaters. These skaters are the red sneakers with big bright yellow wheels, four wheels on each skater, that makes her being at ease.

Don’t be lazy, take your bicycle or skaters or just a ball and hurry up to have fun with your friends!

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