Most popular Fingerling color

Looking for the most popular Fingerling color then you are on the right post. Here I investigate all the colors of available characters and summarized which ones are most popular right now. So here it is the list of all the Fingerlings and the most popular colors as well.

  1. Amelia the light blue glitter monkey
  2. Kiki the light purple glitter monkey
  3. Sugar the snow white glitter monkey
  4. Rose the pink glitter monkey
  5. Kingsley the brown sloth
  6. Gigi the white unicorn
  7. Zoe the mint monkey
  8. Mia the purple monkey
  9. Finn the black monkey
  10. Boris the blue monkey
  11. Bella the pink monkey
  12. Sophie the white monkey
  13. Naima the navy glitter monkey
  14. Milly the lavender monkey
  15. Willy the blue monkey
  16. Aimee the red monkey
  17. Liv the blue monkey

As you can see the most frequent colors areĀ  next three – 5 blue characters, 3 purple and 2 white. And the most most popular is blue Fingerling no doubts.

Hope my investigation was helpful and see you next time for more interesting facts and news about Fingerlings.

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