Monster High Werecat Twins Meowlody And Purrsephone

Introducing Monster High werecat twins miss Mewlody and Miss Purrsephone. Two very elegant and graceful MH students. They are twin sisters and you can easily got confused who is who, there is only one thing that can help you to see the difference – it’s hair color – Meowlody has white hair and Purrsephone – black.

Meowlody Purrsephone

For this year 2012 the manufacturer of Monster High dolls prepared lots of surprises, first it was sister of Cleo – Nefera De Nille, next was red haired doll – Operetta, after that – C.A. Cupid actually this girl is perfect for February 14th, and now they announced 3 new dolls! First is little sister of Clawdeen Wolf – orange headed Howleen Wolf, and finally our werecat twins Meowlody and Purrsephone. They are awesome, love these dolls, not only because they are new and I want to get them into my collection, but also because they are werecats, it’s so mysterious and so cool. Love cats and love werecats, who doesn’t? Common! OK, these two new MH dolls has gray skin color and white tiger stripes all around the legs, arms and faces. Both of them have big cat-like eyes and red lips, also cat ears and long straight hair. Meowlody has white hair and bang and Purrsephone black hair with bang. They also have one stripy lock at one side, it’s white and black stripes coming one next another from top to down. Both out kitties love shorts and tops with tiger print. They wear red shorts, black knee length high heeled boots, tops, vests, lots of bracelets and little red ball shaped purses. Monster High werecats love accessories, they love them were and share between each other. What’s else? They don’t have any pet, actually they used to have but it was a problem, allergic to a birds, so now they have not. They have a best friend in a MH school – Toralei, also they love to do sport and go shopping. So that’s pretty much it, hope you like them!

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