Monster High Toralei Doll

Meet new Monster High doll Toralei. She is a daughter of Werecat and she is 15 years old cat-girl. Toralei is the newest Monster High doll for 2011. She comes with her own pet saber-tooth tiger cab named Sweet Fang.


Monster High Toralei doll has red hair and she loves orange color. She is almost a cat, so she has 9 lives and loves to sleep a lot. Her favorite drink is milkshake and her favorite food is anchovies. Toralei wears black skinny leggings, short pink with black stripes dress and bolero style black jacket. She also has pink gloves, pink with black stripes purse, belt and high-heels. Toralei doll has cat-like ears with cute earrings and big green cat-like eyes. Her makeup makes her looking like a cat, in addition to it she has cat stripes on her cheeks and hair. Like all other Monster High doll Toralei comes with her own brush and accessories. I’m gonna say that this girl is my favorite of all others, she is elegant, fierce, beautiful with red hair and great personality, I also personally like her pet little tiger cub Sweet Fang. Monster High Toralei doll will be released in a near future and it’s definitely gonna be a hit. I’d recommend this doll for all Monster High fans you won’t be disappointed, Toralei is awesome!

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