Monster High Skull Shores Dolls

Meet new Monster High Skull Shores Dolls! It’s a new collection of MH dolls going to vacation. Skull Shores line consists from 5 dolls: Abbey Bominable, Ghoulia Yelps, Draculaura, Lagoona Blue and one boy doll – Monster High Gil Webber.

Monster High Skull Shores Gil Webber
Gil Webber
Monster High Skull Shores Lagoona Blue
Lagoona Blue
Monster High Skull Shores Abbey Bominable
Abbey Bominable
Monster High Skull Shores Draculaura
Monster High Skull Shores Ghoulia Yelps
Ghoulia Yelps

This Skull Shores dolls look hot, they wearing terrific swimsuits and outstanding accessories. Each doll from this collection comes with a treasure map, unique styled drink and MH hair brush. Are you ready for an island adventures with Monster High Skull Shores dolls? Spooktacular swimsuits, catchy accessories, mystery island and secret treasures – sounds great!

Who is gonna be the quin of Skull Shores? Lets find out who has the most sophisticated outfit and glamorous accessories, who did the best job matching clothing and jeweleries. First is Ghoulia Yelps, this girl is dressed up in one of the most sophisticated outfits among all other dolls. She wears black with green spots and red lace swimsuit, light orange with beautiful pattern wrap, red high-heeled sandals, green circle-shaped sunglasses, red bracelet, red bow clip and white earrings. She is very pale with light blue 50s hairdo and bright red lips. Her drink is coco-blood with tiny white umbrella. She is absolutely ready for a great time on Skull Shores.

Next girl is Lagoona Blue, she is a sweet girl with golden hair and light pinky, peachy, purple makeup – very light, sweet and charming. Lagoona wears black top and shorts with thick stripes. The top is decorated with long clear ruffle and the bottom is wrapped with wish patterned pink, black and blue fabric. She wears light blue sandals and light pink accessories like bracelet, necklace, rings and flower headband. Lagoona comes with her personalized drink in orange glass with pink umbrella.

Monster High Abbey Bominable doll from Skull Shores collection has very strong and fashionable look. She is a blue skinned beauty with long straight pony tailed hair. She wears very catchy swimsuit of cool colors and clear purple wrap. To finish the look she has purple high heeled shoes and wide purple beach hat. Her accessories are also very cool color: purple key-bracelet, ice color earrings and white belt. She comes with her favorite dessert – fresh ice-heart.

One more doll from Skull Shores series is Draculaura, she wears white and pink stripy swimsuit, black with pink spots wrap and pink high heels. She also has nice accessories: bracelet, necklace and earrings.
And finally the huge surprise for the MH fans is Monster High Skull Shores Gil Webber doll, this is the first doll of Gil. He comes wearing green shorts, black t-shirt with fish bones print, green flip flops and head water helmet. Like all other dolls from this collection Gil comes with his own treasures map, drink and brush.

Monster High Skull Shores Dolls is a great collection of high fashion looking dolls, gorgeous outfits, beautiful accessories and cool spirit.

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