Monster High Operetta

Meet Monster High Operetta and her little pet spider Memphis “Daddy O” Longlegs. Her father is the Phantom of the Opera. She is the latest release and the newest doll for this year 2011.

Monster High Operetta Doll
Monster High Operetta

This girl has red hair, purple skin, beauty face, great makeup and sense of perfectionism. She is a dive and she loves music more than anything else. When she’s singing, everyone around just lose their minds for a few days.

Operetta wears denim short jeans, purple shirt, white vest and really high heeled black and white ankle boots decorated with treble clef. Her accessories as gorgeous and perfect as Operetta herself. She has four different color bracelets: pink, black, blue and white, beautiful earrings, silver belt, hair clips, rings, and a note shaped mask. She comes with her pet Memphis, which looks like Elvis with his so cute hair style. There is also a journal and hair brush. And what is the music girl without some musical instrument, Monster High Operetta has her own monster guitar the red decorated with spider net. Actually all Operetta’s outfit is decorated with spider net, I think Memphis did a great job. I hope Monster High Operetta will be released in the early December just right before the Christmas Holidays, it will be so cool.

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