Monster High Howleen Wolf

Hey MH fans! Have you already seen new Monster High doll Howleen Wolf? It was lots of rumors about Howleen: is it true and MH creators designed Howleen or it’s just vacuous gossips. Finally the first photos of Howleen Wolf is appeared to prove her existence, and very soon she will be released and appear on the shelves for all fans to collect.

Howleen Wolf
Howleen Wolf

Howleen Wolf Meowlody Purrsephone

Are you planning to get this girl into your collection, as for me, I’m definitely going to get her as soon as possible, because she is awesome! Howleen is an younger sister of Clawd and Clawdeen, she is just 14 year old which means she is the smallest in the whole Monster High family. She also has her own freaky-edgy style that makes her really outstanding. Her hair is bright orange, curly and her hair style is kind of mix of mohawk and high pony tail. Her eyes are golden and her skin is very tanned. She wears very trendy-sporty-edgy clothing – shorts, top, vest, knee length sock on one leg and stripy leggings on another, high heeled sporty shoes and cool teen backpack. Like all other MH students Howleen has her own pet, it’s little adorable but spiky hedgehog with a name – Cushion. And of course there is a diary and all other small accessories enclosed into the pack. It’s a huge surprise, but what’s more is that Howleen is not the only one new for this year 2012 Monster High doll, she comes in company with twi twin sisters werecat – Purrsephone and Meowlody, but I’ll tell you about them in the next post 🙂

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