Monster High Cupid Valentine’s Doll

Meet new Monster High Cupid the Valentine’s Doll, she will be release in February 2012. She is a daughter of cupid and she is dead gorgeous. Cupid C.A. The first Monster High 2012 doll. She has white skin, pink hair, fabulous outfit and little wings on her back.

Monster High Cupid
Monster High Cupid

So lets look more closely at the doll. Cupid has pink curly hair, pink eye brows and pink lips, but her lips are not just ordinary lips, it’s kind of a little pink heart painted on her white lips. Her eyes are ice-blue and she has long black lashes. Cupid wears fabulous dress, it’s light pink sleeveless corseted dress decorated with a black fish net along the bottom edge of a skirt and black print of hearts. Also there is a black belt and two laces crossed through her chest. Cupid also has really cool accessories: pink bracelets, bow shaped ring, ear-rings with heart elements, heart-shaped purse and high-heeled shoes decorated with pink and white hearts. And the last cool thing about Monster High Cupid look is her silver wings, she has a couple of beautiful feathery silver wings on her bag, she use them to flow so gracefully and elegant above the crowd. She seems very soft and beautiful, but so scary at the same time. She can change everything, and brake the hearts easily. It’s gonna be really interesting to see her in new webisodes. Monster High Cupid coming out at the beginning of 2012, also Mattel are planning to release two new series of MH dolls: Skull Shores and Sweet 1600. Stay tuned for more information.

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