Monster High Create A Monster Skeleton, Bee and 3-Eyed Girl

The latest release in Monster High world is new Monster High Create A Monster packs: Skeleton, Bee and 3-Eyed Girl. All three new pack are additional addons to the starter set.

Monster High Create-A-Monster Skeleton
Monster High Create-A-Monster Bee
Monster High Create-A-Monster 3-Eyed Girl
3-Eyed Girl

Firstly I want to say that Monster High Add-on parts is a great idea of creating more unique monster with all new body parts, heads, wigs and outfits. And for now there are 7 unique monsters released by Mattel: Werewolf, Dragon, Vampire, Sea monster, Bee, Skeleton and 3-Eyed girl.

What I like about new addons is of course a great idea creating your own every time unique monster, kids can match and mix all the parts building new dolls every time. But there are a couple things that I definitely not like. First of all is of course lack of torsos, there is only 1 torso and only in the starter set pack. The starter set includes body parts enough for creating two dolls, but there is only one torso there, which is really frustrating. Also each additional pack with new Monster High create a monster parts comes without torso too. It’s really bad idea and it seems to me that Mattel becomes very greedy, and it’s so bad to know. As you can guessed there is only one torso in the starter pack and therefore you can build only one monster, all other parts will be laying aside waiting for their turn. 7 different monsters and only 2 torsos for all isn’t it ridiculous. Another big problem is all body parts as legs, arms and even heads are very loose and easily falling apart, you can’t make your doll keeping any pose at all and with time it’s going to be even worst, because joints are going to become more and more looser. Outfits and accessories are also look very cheap, wig is also not a beautiful part at all. Awwww, I think it’s enough for you to decide do you need this additional create a monster high parts or no. Now let’s go to the fan part, yes, of course there is a fun part too. And here we have ability to create 7 unique monster, and even more, by mixing and matching all the parts you will found inside starter and add-on pack you can built uncountable numbers of unique dolls. You also will get new wigs of different colors and new outfits for your dolls to share and wear. Now let’s describe all new 3 monster dolls. First is Skeleton doll, it looks like real skeleton with all the bones and blue lips and make up. This doll comes with black skeleton print dress, blue wig and bone looking high-heels. Next is create a monster Bee doll comes with yellow and black body parts, wings, bee-shaped sunglasses, black and yellow wig and black shoes. The dress is also made from stripy black and yellow fabric to resemble a real bee. And the last but not least is Monster High 3-eyed girl. This girl is alien, she has blue skin, with dots tattoos, but the most interesting part about her look is three eyes, she has two looking like normal eyes and one in the middle of her forehead. 3-eyed doll comes with purple little dress, purple high heels, pink wig and purple cap to hide her third eyes from sites.

So I think now you have enough information about new Monster High create a monster add-on pack and can figure out buy it or not. May be these dolls are lower quality in comparison with mane collection, but they are still a great gift for a real collectors.

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