Monster High Create A Monster Dolls

Mattel released 2 cool doll sets for all the fans of MH dolls – Monster High Create-A-Monster ‘Werewolf and Dragon’ and ‘Vampire and Sea monster’. Each doll pack includes not one, but 2 dolls to create your own high fashion monster, arms, legs, fashion – 250 ways to mix and match.

Monster High Create-A-Monster Werewolf and Dragon
Werewolf and Dragon
Monster High Create-A-Monster Vampire and Sea Monster
Vampire and Sea Monster

Monster High Create-A-Monster Body Pieces

Monster High Werewolf and Dragon Monster High Vampire and Sea Monster

Monster High Create-A-Monster Heads and Outfits

Monster High Werewolf and Dragon Dolls Monster High Vampire and Sea Monster Dolls

Monster High Create-A-Monster packs is the coolest ever dolls to create and collect. I love the idea of creating your own Monster High dolls, because it’s really entertaining, creative and fun. Girls can match and share all the pieces coming inside. And of course you will get absolutely unique dolls for your collection: Vampire, Sea monster, Dragon girl and Werewolf. Each character comes with set of accessories and stylish outfit. Each kit includes a torso, 2 sets of limbs, 2 heads, 1 hairpiece, 2 fashions and a unique add-on accessory.

Now lets look more closely on each of these four previously unseen monster dolls.

The first pack is Monster High Werewolf and Dragon dolls. The werewolf body is gray skinned with additional wolf like ears. The head is also gray with pink eye-shadows and red lipstick. Werewolf’s outfit is very beautiful, it can fit any other doll. I consists from black top, black, pink and purple skirt and black and pink bolero jacket. To complete the look there is a pair of black high heels. To create a Monster High Dragon girl you have pink legs and arms with dragon skin and pair of green wings to stick them to Dragon girl head. As for makeup for this girl, she has purple lips and green and yellow eye-shadows. To dress up the doll there is very cute summer outfit, green and yellow top and skirt. There is also red wig and black boots to finish the look.

Next couple is Monster High Vampire and Sea monster dolls. This set is also consists from 1 torso, 2 heads, 1 wig, two sets of arms and legs, 2 outfits and 1 pair of shoes. Vampire doll can be built from light pink body pieces and has very edgy makeup, purple eye-shadows and red lips. She wears black skirt with blue ruffles at the bottom, and black and purple top with yellow bat for accessory. She also has high-heeled shoes. The Sea monster girl has blue body, blue head and green blue makeup. She comes with blue and orange skirt and brown top. The wig for these two girls is purple green.

OK, what I like about these dolls is that girls can create lots of different monsters, especially if they have both create-a-monster packs, the idea is great. I also love that all these pieces can be shared between all doll. It’s four new monsters to your collection and for new outfits to share and wear. Kids also will get an idea how to assemble MH dolls, they will learn how to stick legs and arms, it’s very easy actually. What I don’t like about these packs is that there is only 1 torso inside each pack and only 1 wig and shoes, which means you can create only 1 monster at a time. It will be much better to sell the pack allowing to create two monster dolls at a time. Anyway it’s really amazing surprise, it’s kind of LEGO for dolls, when they can create different combinations.

Monster High Create-A-Monster is your own unique doll each time, 250 ways to mix and match building new character.

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