Monster High 2012 Nefera De Nile And Operetta

Mattel announced new Monster High Dolls 2012: Nefera De Nile and Operetta. They will be released in early March 2012. Nefera is the first female size doll, she is older and taller than all other Mhs. Operetta is the first is the first musician doll in the franchise.

Monster High Nefera De Nile Doll
Nefera De Nile
Monster High Operetta Doll

Both new Monster High Nefera De Nile and Operetta look amazing. Nefera is tall edgy girl with tanned skin and blue, yellow, green, black hair. She has really cool make up: her eyes are lined with black eyeliner and she uses bright yellow and orange eye shades, her lips are blue to match her hair color and outfit. Nefera is a real quine of Egypt. She wears royal outfit: short blue, white, golden, black mummy styled dress with fluffy skirt, mummy styled leg warmers, blue wrap and black decorated with golden elements high heels. Her accessories are all gold, she has wide gold belt, gold bracelets, earrings, rings, hair accessories and necklace with ruby stone. Nefera has her own little pet – scarab beetle named Azura, he is blue in color with golden legs. The main difference of Nefera from other MH dolls is of course her size, she is significantly taller than other dolls which makes her really unique and high collectible, can’t wait to see her in real.

Monster High Operetta is another newest doll that will be released in March 2012. I’ve already wrote a bit about Operetta in one of my previous posts. She is a girl who loves music more than anything else. She has purple skin, red hair and great personality. Operetta wears very sophisticated outfit – stylish and sporty: short jeans, purple shirt, white bolero and high-heeled sports shoes, all is decorated with net prints and music signs. Her pet is cute little spider Memphis Longles.

For now there are only two new Monster High dolls 2012: Nefera De Nile and Operetta. Looking forward for more new characters, I’ve heard some rumors about Monster High Howleen Wolf, Purrsephone and Meowlody dolls. Check back for updates.

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