Madame Alexander Favorite Friends 18″ Doll – “After School Cool”

This is one more 18 Inch Doll called “After School Cool” from Madame Alexander Favorite Friends collection. The entire collection includes 8 different dolls with unique personality, faces, hair styles and outfits.

Madame Alexander Favorite Friends After School Cool Doll


The doll has pretty round face, big brown eyes and taffy tan hair. She has very expressive face of little girl: nice smile of her full pink lips, small pug nose, big light brown sparkling eyes and thin eye-brows. Also this doll has very popular girl hair cut, she has short silky hair following to her shoulders, it’s kind of bob hair style. She is a little bit surprized, may she met her friends, may be saw something unusual, may something else. Actually all Madame Alexander Favorite Friends Dolls have very lively and expressive faces, they look like real, because all even tiny details are so well-made.

As for her outfit, the doll is dressed up in jeans, shirt, jacket and sneakers. It’s very casual and comfortable outfit for after school activities. She can play with her friends, walking, cycling, running and so on, this outfit is very cosy and stylish at the same time. Stretchy blue denim jeans doesn’t restrict her motions, she can jump and play active games. Also she wears black high-topped sneakers with white toes, it’s very cosy boots for outdoor activities.

On top doll has black t-shirt with multi-colored print and light blue jacket with hood. The jacket has four small pockets for various girlish stuff. So she is ready for any weather: for sunny days she has light t-shirt and thick jacket for the rain and wind.

It’s very easily to dress up the doll, because all outfits and accessories are well-made and perfectly suit to all 18 inch dolls. I forgot to mention small red socks, which doll wears under the sneakers. As you can see there are lots of clothes even for one set, all you need is just to choose which doll will become your favorite friend.

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