Madame Alexander Favorite Friends 18″ Doll – “Turning Heads”

This is “Turning Heads” doll package from Madame Alexander Favorite Friends collection. The dollpack includes one lovely blond girl dressed up in gorgeous evening dress. All the outfit is very elegant and smart, it includes only two colors white and black, which make it perfect for the evening party.

Madame Alexander Favorite Friends Turning Heads Doll


This doll has beautiful blond hair with bang. It’s shoulder length very well-made hair, so you can brush them and make different hair styles, like pony tail or you can plait her hair or put them into something really unusual, all depends only from your imagination and skills. With time you can make perfect hair styles not only for your dolls, but for yourself, all you need just a little bit practice.

The doll has a beautiful white ribbon with small black with white polka dots rose flower in her hair. She wears gorgeous asymmetric black with white dots sleeveless dress. The dress has a white ribbon at the waist and fluffy skirt. Actually this skirt consists from two skirt, white underskirt and black with white dots top skirt. To match the dress color, doll wears white socks and black shoes. This outfit is perfect, she looks amazing.

I’d like to name this doll Mary, it seems to me this name is the most appropriate for the pretty blond girl. Actually she looks very similar to the doll from Madame Alexander Favorite Friends “Party Perfect” doll package, only her hair is blond and outfit is more smart.

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