Madame Alexander Favorite Friends 18″ Doll – “Too Cute In Boots”

Meet new collection of 18″ Dolls called Madame Alexander Favorite Friends. This collection consists from 8 unique lovely dolls: “Urban Cowgirl”, “Too Cute In Boots”, “After School Cool”, “Oh So Groovy”, “Party Perfect”, “Playfully Pretty”, “Spring Fling Dance” and “Turning Heads”.

Madame Alexander Favorite Friends Too Cute In Boots Doll


All dolls from Madame Alexander Favorite Friends collection are 18″ play dolls. “Too Cute In Boots” doll has very pretty face, well-made body and hair. She has golden curly hair worn in a side ponytail and wear low bang over her forehead. It’s really thick hair, so silky and shining. The girl has very soft and delicate features: small nose, lips and very attractive and expressive blue eyes. The doll doesn’t have any make-up, only pure peach color skin and rosy lips. Head, hands, legs and other body parts are proportional and look harmonious. This really cute and wholesome doll.

This “Too Cute In Boots” 18″ doll is wearing short fluffy dress, jeans jacket, stripy leggings and cute pink cowboy boots. The dress has very fluffy skirt and looks like light sun-dress. It’s made from high-quality cotton fabric with beautiful pink print – small pink circles placed in the form of big flowers on black background. The dress has wide black with white dots belt on the coquette. Long-sleeved jacket is made from blue denim fabric, it has small pockets on each forepart.

The stripy leggings is made from stretchy material, white stripes alternate with pink ones one by one, the colors make leggings very soft and match to colors of dress. To complete the outfit, there are light pink cowboy boots and white striped ribbon. Boots are made from vinyl material and have small square heels. Sole of each boot is colored in silver color. The ribbon is one more decorative element, it’s chosen to match the main colors of outfit and emphasize cowboy style.

This Madame Alexander Doll is fresh and trendy line among all 18″ dolls. High-quality, beautiful and well-made she will become a Favorite Friend for any girl.

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