Madame Alexander Favorite Friends 18″ Doll – “Spring Fling Dance”

This is one more new doll from Madame Alexander Favorite Friends Collection. The doll package has name “Spring Fling Dance” and includes one lovely blond-haired doll dressed up in beautiful sun-dress and light blue bolero.

Madame Alexander Favorite Friends Spring Fling Dance Doll


Round-faced 18 inch doll looks gorgeous. She has long curly hair, we can say that she is a blond, but in fact her hair is a little bit golden and a little bit red at the same time – together it’s very nice and good-looking combination of colors. Also she has a wide bang, blue eyes, small nose and light pink lips. Light redness in her cheeks makes her look irresistible.

She wears very light fluffy sun-dress, it’s white in color with beautiful print – colorful summer flowers various sizes and colors. The skirt has 3 layers and each layer decorated with flowers. At the waist dress is trimmed with light blue ribbon. For the top doll has gorgeous sky blue long-sleeved bolero, it’s wraped-around her waist and match the colors of dress. Actually bolero is very trendy type of sweater nowdays. You can see many models and celebrities wearing such clothing. Finally we reach to the sandals, their are very nice with high sole and opened toe. Sandals are white in color and perfectly fit to any 18 inch dolls.

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