Madame Alexander Favorite Friends 18″ Doll – “Oh So Groovy”

I’m glad to tell you about the “Oh So Groovy” doll package from Madame Alexander Favorite Friends 18 inch dolls collection. Actually this is the only one African-American play doll in this collection and she is amazing in her colorful outfit and stylish sandals.

Madame Alexander Favorite Friends Oh So Groovy Doll


This lovely doll is as beautiful as all other dolls from Madame Alexander Favorite Friends collection. She has round pretty face, brown eyes and black curly hair. The doll wears long-sleeved pink with red free designs patterns. The skirt has three ruffle layers and looks very fluffy. Also there are two decorative stripes – orange and green to make some accent and allow to combine the dress with additional decorative elements. like green leggings and sandals.

Her flowing hair decorated with a wide pink headband. All the outfits and accessories are well-made and can be shared between others 18 inch dolls. If you like you also can change hew hair style and give her a name. Most of Madame Alexander dolls don’t have a name, because they are dedicated to be your best friends with the names which are your favorite. So you can name your new friend whatever you want. For this doll I prefer name Sherise or Brie, I’m not sure which is more suitable for her, I like them both.

All 18 inch dolls are very simillar and you can share all the outfits between them, actually it’s very convenient, not only because you can dress up your dolls with new costumes, but also because you can design and create your own suits, which will fit all the girls.

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