Liv Dolls In Wonderland Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, White Queen, Queen Of Heart

Spin Master released new line of Liv dolls called Liv Dolls In Wonderland. And again as usually there are all five girls available for purchase: Sophie as Alice, Katie as Mad Hatter, Hayden as White Rabbit, Daniela as White Queen and Alexis as Queen of Hearts. Liv in Wonderland dolls series represents all the main characters from the original story. You may also like another new collection of Liv Outdoor Fashion Dolls.

Sophie as Alice
Katie as Mad Hatter
Hayden as White Rabbit
Daniela as White Queen
Alexis as Queen of Hearts

Now let’s look more closely on each of these five fairy tail dolls. The first one, of course – Alice the main character of original story. As you can guess there were two girls suitable for this role Sophie and Hayden, and Sophie doll was chosen as the most suitable one, because she has blond almost white hair, blue color eyes and pale skin, exactly what real Alice has. Liv doll Sophie as Alice in Wonderland wears beautiful sleeveless dress, white blouse, stripes sparkling tights and blue high heels. Top of the dress is made from blue silky fabric and skirt is made from blue netted material. The dress is decorated with black wide corsage-belt and thin blue with bow decorative belt. White blouse with balloon-sleeves is accomplished with white made from fabric fluffy bracelets. Alice in Wonderland Liv doll Sophie is also coming with such accessories as earrings, high-heels, glasses, hair brush, and tiny toy white rabbit. This doll has blond straight hair with bang and several baby blue locks.

Next doll from Liv In Wonderland collection is Katie dressed up like Mad Hatter. This doll has amazing purple color wavy hair, and absolutely stunning outfit. Katie wears silky purple color short-sleeve dress with fluffy short skirt and decorated with geometric print of colorful rhombuses. She also has pink tights, purple gloves and purple high boots. As a real Mad Hatter personage from Wonderland, Liv doll Katie has a mad hat, it’s clip on pink hat decorated with purple belt. Katie’s accessories are set of colorful cups, hair brush and earrings.

The third doll from this collection is Hayden, and she is dressed up in White Rabbit costume. The White Rabbit is a mysterious character in Wonderland story and Hayden looks very enigmatic and beautiful at the same time. She wears soft baby pink dress with bright pink corsage and short lite pink skirt, long sleeves and big pink bow as a decorative element. She also wears white tights and lavender color high-heeled ankle boots. She comes with hair brush, clip on bunny ears, watches on a chain and earrings. Katie will notify you, when the magic will begin.

One more doll is Liv doll Daniela as White Queen in Wonderland. She is a real queen, gorgeous hair style, splendid outfit, fabulous accessories, she looks great no doubts, and at the same time her look is very trendy and fashionable and modern and stylish. Daniela wears fluffy sleeveless dress from white netted fabric, silver color leather leggings and the same silver color ankle boot on high heels. Her accessories are hair brush, earrings, necklace, white scepter and white clip on crown. I love her look, and what’s more I love all the new accessories coming in this new Liv dolls in Wonderland collection.

Last but not least is Liv doll Alexis as Queen of Hearts in Wonderland. This doll is absolutely stunning, she is really outstanding, she has black with red locks short wavy hair, red lips and beautiful eyes. Her outfit also looks awesome, Alexis wears short silky black with red stripes sleeveless dress decorated with big red sparkling heart and red and yellow train, black high-heels, monarchical clip on crown. She comes with red earrings, hair brush and pink flamingo bird.

All Liv dolls from Wonderland collection looks awesome, they outfit really, unusual, good looking, well made, trendy and fashionable, what’s more girls have very cool accessories as bunny ear clip or crown clip or hat clip. And of course they all can share all the outfits, wigs and accessories. Liv dolls are always great to play with, it’s about fashion, teens style, trendy looks, live-like set-in eyes, bendable knees, ankles, elbows, wrists and torso, so they all can make up to 150 different poses, which is the most favorite part about these dolls. With all these new Wonderland Liv dolls Sophie as Alice, Katie as Mad Hatter, Hayden as White Rabbit, Daniela as White Queen and Alexis as Queen of Hearts girls can arrange a real fancy-dress ball or Halloween party.

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