Liv Doll Horse

To add some fun and make Liv world more entertaining and realistic, there is a great Liv doll horse toys. Actually there are several different horses and Liv horse sets to choose from. Liv horses differ in color and and accessories, but all of them are really cool because they are really well made, perfectly fit to all Liv girls and Liv boy doll Jake, and what’s more Liv horses hips, knees and ankles all move, so kids can put them in any position they like.

Liv Horse Nutmeg
Liv Horse Clover
Hayden and Clover
Liv Horse Walnut
Katie and Walnut

Girls love ponies and horses and they definitely will appreciate the idea to have one of these beautiful Liv horse toys fro they dolls. Like I already said, there are lots of different sets to choose from. Some of them comes with additional doll inside and another contain only a horse. All horses are beautiful, and your kids can choose the one they like more. I just want to tell you about some of the Liv Horse sets available for purchase. The first playset I want to tell you about contains a beautiful cream color horse called Nutmeg. Nutmeg has gorgeous white mane with bang and white socks on her each four legs. She also has white forehead and muzzle. Her white silky tail comes to a floor, girls will be happy to brush and decorate Nutmeg’s hair, especially with all the accessories coming with this set. Nutmeg Liv horse set teaches kids how to saddle a horse and also horse back riding and how to feed and take care of this animal. Nutmeg comes with green saddle blanket and with big cozy blanket for night time, also girls can take care of Nutmeg’s hair, their have everything they need in the pack – special horse brush and a bunch of great hair accessories. What I like more than anything else about this toy is that this toy horse has movable hips, knees and ankles, so she can be posed in lots of different ways. Liv horses are well made, durable, good looking and they have movable legs which is really amazing and gives lots of possibilities during the game time. The price for this toy is also very acceptable, it’s just about $20, which is really nice for such great toy. Also besides, individual pack with only a horse inside, there are also some sets containing Liv doll and horse both. One of them comes from Liv My Nature collection and contains Hayden doll and her poseable Liv horse Clover. Clover has chocolate brown mane and tail. And Hayden loves to take care of him, she brush his hair and style him with enclosed accessories. Another great thing about Liv horse figures is that they perfectly fit to Liv girls, dolls sit on a horse back very confidently without falling. One more set I want to tell you about also comes with a doll and horse. It’s My Nature series pack with Katie and her Liv horse Walnut. It’s beautiful animal with caramel color skin and brown hair, he also comes with saddle, blanket and other horse stuff to take care of him. If you are looking for a great gift for a little girl or want to find well made, poseable with movable legs horse toy that will be stable and good looking, then I highly recommend you this Liv doll horses, these toys are the right quality for the right price.

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