Little Miss Muffin Dolls

Meet plush, adorable and sweet Little Miss Muffin Dolls – 5 inch and jumbo dolls. This is new for this year 2011 collection of rag dolls with sweet personalities and fresh muffin scent. There are many of Muffin dolls to choose from: Muffin, Plum, Sugar, Vanilla, Chip, Blueberry, Cherrie, Pumpkin, Cinnamon.

Little Miss Muffin Doll Muffin
Little Miss Muffin Doll Blueberry
Little Miss Muffin Doll Cherrie
Little Miss Muffin Doll Chip
Little Miss Muffin Doll Pumpkin
Little Miss Muffin Doll Cinnamon
Little Miss Muffin Doll Plum
Little Miss Muffin Doll Vanilla
Little Miss Muffin Doll Sugar

The main character in this collection is Muffin girl herself, she and her friends love to cook together, they always making something new and delicious. But what are so special about this little dolls. So Little Miss Muffin dolls inside realistic looking cupcakes: depending on doll it can be blue, yellow, orange and other color cupcakes. So these dolls look like bright and colorful rag dolls who come with their own little cupcake-shaped sweet houses, what’s more each doll has her own unique scent of muffin with vanilla, plum or cherry. Now lets find out how many Muffin dolls are there and how they look like. All dolls look very similar, they differ only in color and personality. Each doll has soft made from plush fabric body, embroidered eyes, nose, eye-brows, lips and freckles, curly hair, and wears short dress with apron, stripy shirt and tights. The significant thing about this rag dolls is muffin-shaped hat with little pom-pom at the top. Altogether there are 10 different dolls to choose from.

  • Muffin the main character in the collection. Her color is pink.
  • Blueberry – her color is blue.
  • Cherrie – her color is red.
  • Chip – her color is brown.
  • Pumpkin – her color is orange.
  • Cinnamon – her color is cinnamon.
  • Plum – her color is plum.
  • Vanilla – her color is light yellow.
  • Sugar – her color is light blue.

Little Miss Muffin dolls is really a cute idea, little girls love them a lot. Each doll smells delicious, it’s very light sweet scent not strong really. Adorable dolls with a surprise, also every 24 contains the rare Golden Gingerbread Man. Collect Little Miss Muffin dolls and good luck to find Golden Gingerbread Man.

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