Lalaloopsy Costumes For Kids

For all the fans of Lalaloopsy Dolls MGA Entertainment designed Lalaloopsy costumes for kids. Now girls can dress up like their favorite characters: Pillow Featherbed, Spot Splatter Splash, Mittens Fluf and Stuff, and etc.

Lalaloopsy Costume For Kids Pillow Featherbed
Pillow Featherbed
Lalaloopsy Costume For Kids Spot Splatter Splash
Spot Splatter Splash
Lalaloopsy Costume For Kids Mittens Fluff and Stuff
Mittens Fluff and Stuff

All Lalaloopsy costumes come in two different size small for ages 4 – 6 and medium for ages 8 – 10, but I recommend you to get bigger size, so if you girls ages under 3 it’s better to buy small size, but if your girl is 4 and up – it’s better to get medium size, because the sizes are actually smaller than described.

Now lets have a closer look at each Lalaloopsy costume. First is Pillow Featherbed costume for girls. It looks like jumpsuit or pajamas, the material is very thick and has a lot of details. It looks exactly like the outfit which Featherbed doll wears. The costume fabric is featuring printed horizontal light and dark pink stripes, striped orange and white trim and three plastic buttons down the center. There is also a purple wig which looks like the real Lalaloopsy dolls hair – lots of tubes wrapped together and decorated with pink bow accent. With such a cute costume your little girl can transform into a real Lalaloopsy rag doll and play with her friends and doll non stop. Next is Lalaloopsy Spot Splatter Splash costume for girls. This outfit is very sunny and funny, light and bright colors make it outstanding from all other ones. It includes white dress, red and white striped shirt, high boots and yellow wig. The shirt is made from red and white striped fabric, dress consists from ruffle polka dot bottom and white apron splattered in blue paint. The white boots look really cool with yellow sole accents and red stripes. To finish the look there is an yellow wig featuring ringlet curls pulled into pigtails with red ribbon bows. This costume is great for little sunny girls with big personality and love to rag dolls. One more is Lalaloopsy Mittens Fluff and Stuff costume for girls. It consists from skirt, long sleeved shirt, vest, shorts, leggings, boots and wig. The top includes a light and dark pink striped top and fuzzy white vest trimmed in blue. The bottom is more complicated and includes blue polka dot skirt, white pantaloons with attached striped pink leggings and white boots with pink laces. And of course you will need a blue wig just exactly like Mittens doll has with blue ringlet curls pulled into pigtails with snow white bows. Lalaloopsy costumes is a great idea for Halloween party or birthday party or just everyday playing with your favorite dolls. Girls can go on magical adventures as a rag doll looking sew cute in our deluxe Lalaloopsy child costumes. Dress-up play will be so much fun as they can transform into a Lalaloopsy rag dolls! Some parts of these costumes like wigs are not really great, but I’m sure you can handle it, because the costumes itself are good enough. Just think of additional wig and accessories to create your perfect Lalaloopsy costume.

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