Lalaloopsy Babies Pillow Featherbed

Have you already seen new button-eyed dolls by MGA Entertainment of course I’m talking about new Lalaloopsy Babies absolutely adorable soft dolls to play and collect. For now there are only 4 soft baby characters and it’s your favorite characters like Pillow Featherbed, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Jewel Sparkles and Mittens Fluff ‘n’ Stuff. All four comes with soft huggable bodies cute baby faces, wearing diapers and with their cute baby pacifiers.

Lalaloopsy Babies Pillow Featherbed Pic
Pillow Featherbed

Of course I will show you all the characters one by one but lets start with my favorite Pillow Featherbed. This baby Pillow doll is about 11 inches tall and made from soft fabric for kids to play and hug. It’s a baby version of big Lala-doll Pillow Featherbed. She has pink body skin, black buttons for eyes and stripy pink and bright pink diaper. Her short curly hair are also pink and she has her pink pacifier in shape of heart. Like her big version this Baby Pillow comes with her baby pet sheep in shape of baby bottle and also doll wears very cute white with pink ears hat to resemble a sheep as well, very cute and absolutely adorable. Love this new collection of Lalaloopsy Babies dolls.

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