Fingerlings Unicorn Gigi

Meet adorable Fingerlings Unicorn with the name Gigi. Most of all Fingerlings characters are monkeys, but there are also a few exclusive characters to collect and one of them is white unicorn named Gigi.

Gigi is entirely white in color with black hooves, golden horn and rainbow mane and tail. She is so girlish and cute, and definitely must have. If you are collecting Fingerlings family don’t waste your time because this one is quite rare and exclusive it won’t be available for sale all the time and it’s better to get it right now before the Christmas coming up.

Also don’t forget to check another exclusive character sloth named Kingsley. It’s also will be available as limited edition, but I’ll tell about him a bit later, stay tuned any way and have fun wrapping your presents for this upcoming Christmas 2018.

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