Feeding Set For Baby Stella Doll

For those of you who is a lucky owner of sweet Baby Stella dolls I also recommend to purchase this adorable feeding set which includes baby bib, spoon, bottle, bowl and can of peas, everything made from soft washable materials and absolutely safe for little ones to play with.

Feeding Set For Baby Stella Pic
Feeding Set

This feeding set is really good for toddlers and young kids to play with, all the parts are soft and there is no danger at all. Kids can use all new stuff and learn how to feed the baby doll and how to take care of little ones which is really nice if you are planning more babies. All toys from this feeding set is made from washable materials and it’s easy to clean them up. Also colors are very nice, it’s green pink yellow orange blue and white to develop color sense. Shapes of toys are also very different which helps to understand such thing like big and small, round and oval and so on. Kids will learn how to put a bib on doll and how to use spoon to feed their favorite soft Stella doll. You can play with kids helping them to learn new stuff and describing each tool what is it how to use it and many more. This feeding set will bring more fun to your everyday games with kids.

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